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Adam Larter





I'm Adam Larter. 

Are you here because you saw me make a Greggs out of cardboard in my living room?

Maybe you saw that thing I wrote and directed on an ice rink?

Perhaps you saw my disco musical or some other high-concept / low-budget play. 

Perhaps you are my mum and you're trying to google what my job title is. 

Either way. Hello. 

The above image is an illustration by the very talented Isabella Purcell who has made me look much taller and more professional than I am. It's good isn't it?


Basically, I like to write very silly things about very boring things. 


Adam Larter






Dear Santa. 

Can you please put on my website some of the things what I created?

All the best, Adam

Edinburgh Fringe shows

- Happy New Year, 2012, a one-man show celebrating the dawn of the New Year everyday in August. 

- Plumpy'Nut, 2013, a two-man play with Ali Brice about a pig that can talk. 

- Return on Investment, 2016

- L'Art Noveau, 2017

- Boogie Knights, 2018

- Good Morning Croissant, 2019

Some other plays

- The Colonel (Co-Writer and Director) - 2013

- Computer Boy (Writer, Director) - 2014

- A Christmas Tail (Writer) - 2014

- Weirdos For Christmas Number 1 (Writer)- 2015

- My Big Fat Weirdos Christmas Wedding - (Writer) - 2016

- Tony Law and Friends in the Battle for Icetopia (Writer, Director) - 2017




The good reporters on the world's press. 

The masters of spin. 

Wordsmiths of the highest degree. 

Many of them FLOCK to my works to share their praise / hatred / confusion with the arts loving world. 

"One of the most stupidly brilliant things you''ll see this Fringe."



"His audience don't suffer, though they may get dizzy at all the strangeness swirling around their heads."

Steve Bennett, Chortle


"Obviously a very dedicated oddball, Adam Larter has created a giddy, bizarre whirlwind of a show"

The List


"L'Art Nouveau is a prop-heavy, self-indulgent hour of downright silliness. There's nothing malicious about it and there's no cutting jibes. It is one of those Fringe experiences that''s simply there to enjoy."

The Skinny


"There's certainly plenty to look at and for a lot of the time the audience is entranced by the sheer volume of physical chaos happening on and off the stage."

The Scotsman


Weirdos Comedy Club was founded in 2011 by Adam. 

The club was founded as a small, off-the-radar open-mic where acts could perform weird shit. Since then, the night and the acts in it's collective have gone on to do great things. 

Weirdos have performed five full length pantomimes for charity, performed a Supergrass musical infront of Supergrass, sold out Leicester Square Theatre with a surreal Harry Potter tribute and performed a comedy play on ice. 

All scripts are original and everything is done without funding.

‘Some of the silliest, funniest and most innovative shows on the circuit’


Making us laugh at very strange things’

The Independent​

‘the closest thing we have to a modern-day Comic Strip’


‘Making comedy more exciting than it has been for ages’

Bruce Dessau