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Adam Larter




Adam has been writing and performing comedy since 2009. 

He is most well known for heading up the Weirdos Collective, an award-winning, critically acclaimed group of comedians who, as a group, put on large sprawling performances. 

These performances range from their well-known pantomimes, (Which have raised around £20,000 for Great Ormond Street), their spoof Harry Potter performances and in 2017 the award-winning Tony Law and Friends in the Battle for Icetopia: A comedy Play on Ice (at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink)

Adam is the lead-writer for all Weirdos shows. 

Adam is also an accomplished comedy performer in his own right and has created numerous solo shows which have been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and beyond. 

These include "Happy New Year (2012), Return on Investment (2016) and L'Art Noveau (2017)

In 2018 Adam founded a new night "Tone of Voice". 

Having worked in advertising for almost 10 years Adam wanted a night where comedians could "have a go" at advertising 

So far every night has sold-out and this continues to be a monthly event.


Photo credit: Claire Haigh


Weirdos Comedy Club was founded in 2011 by Adam. 

The club was founded as a small, off-the-radar open-mic where acts could perform weird shit. Since then, the night and the acts in it's collective have gone on to do great things. 

Weirdos have performed five full length pantomimes for charity, performed a Supergrass musical infront of Supergrass, sold out Leicester Square Theatre with a surreal Harry Potter tribute and performed a comedy play on ice. 

All scripts are original and everything is done without funding. 


Photo credit: Isabelle Adams

Some of the silliest, funniest and most innovative shows on the circuit’


“The whole enterprise, produced by Alex Hardy and written and directed by Adam Larter has a wonderful “We can’t believe we are doing this” atmosphere. It is a glorious triumph of collaborative effort.” Clare Smith, Beyond the Joke

"Stubbornly divorced from any conventional idea of success."


"Embracing the chaos is what a Weirdos show is all about, and over-discipline if ever that were a risk would spoil the anarchic oddness of this welcome regular feature on the cult comedy calendar."


‘Making us laugh at very strange things’

The Independent

‘the closest thing we have to a modern-day Comic Strip’


‘Making comedy more exciting than it has been for ages’

Bruce Dessau 


Tone of Voice (Comedians Improve Advertising) is a monthly night set up by Adam in 2018.

In this night comedians pitch for business of a different fictional client each month.

This all takes place in the fictional advertising agency Stinky Winters PPPPPMJ.

Adam runs the night and co-hosts with long time collaborator and friend Joz Norris.

Photo credit: Dave Nattriss

Acts who have appeared so far include:

Eleanor Morton, Alison Thea-Skot, Tez Ilyas, Kat Bond, Jenny Collier, Holt & Talbot, Thom Tuck, Ellen Turnill-Montoya, Viv Groskopp, Matthew Highton, Helen Duff, Michael Brunstrom, Stuart Laws, The Exploding Heads, Rosie Jones, Grainne Maguire, James Ward, Cassie Atkinson, Sooz Kempner, Glenn Moore, Will Seaward and Sean Morley. 

For tickets to the next event head here.




The new comedy-musical from Adam Larter.


Sir Dance-A-Lot is the last of the Boogie Knights, exiled from his land where disco lovers are persecuted.


Expect dungeons, dragons and disco disco disco.

Directed by Olivier Award winner Jon Brittain (Rotterdam, Maggie Queen of Soho, John Kearns).


Produced by Funny Women Award winner Alex Hardy (Dave Gorman, Tony Law).

Boogie Knights will appear at Edinburgh Festival everyday at 2pm.

Venue: Heroes at the Hive.

Tickets: £5 in advance / Pay what you want.

Details and tickets here



An award-winning collaboration between comedy's finest idiots. 

A comedy play on ice. 

An impossibly stupid bit of fun. 

Photo credit: Claire Haigh

Following an introduction from comedy hero Ben Target the Icetopia began as a conversation between Adam and cult-comedy-legend Tony Law. 

The idea was to use Tony's skating skills to great affect and put on a comedy show on ice. 

Adam decided to turn the project into a full-blown comedy play on ice building on the big comedy shows the Weirdos had been making with their pantomimes. 


A crack team was assembled with a cast of the most ice-proficient Weirdos and independent doers. 

Produced by Alex Hardy and executive producer Bob Slayer (from Heroes of Fringe) the show was written and directed by Adam based on characters and ideas from Tony. 


The show sold-out the 750 capacity venue at Alexandra Palace Ice-Rink and was a great success with only Ben Target breaking his arm. 


In 2018 the show was award "Event of the Year" at the Chortle Awards. 



Read the write up here from the Guardian



Review from BeyondtheJoke here. 



These are things that people have said about me.

Photo credit: Isabelle Adams

"one of the most stupidly brilliant things you''ll see this Fringe."



"His audience don't suffer, though they may get dizzy at all the strangeness swirling around their heads."

Steve Bennett, Chortle


"Obviously a very dedicated oddball, Adam Larter has created a giddy, bizarre whirlwind of a show"

The List


"L'Art Nouveau is a prop-heavy, self-indulgent hour of downright silliness. There's nothing malicious about it and there's no cutting jibes. It is one of those Fringe experiences that''s simply there to enjoy."

The Skinny


"There's certainly plenty to look at and for a lot of the time the audience is entranced by the sheer volume of physical chaos happening on and off the stage."

The Scotsman



Adam is the main playwright for Weirdos Comedy and has been in charge of their scripts since their inception.


His writing is largely a mix of surrealism with satire and parody.

He specialises in longer-form multi-character fun.

Basically, funny things.


Adam has a degree in creative writing so occasionally writes scripts without typos.


Photo credit: Matthew Highton

Key writings include:

Tony Law and Friends in the Battle for Icetopia (Writer, Director) - 2017

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink


My Big Fat Weirdos Christmas Wedding - (Writer) - 2016

Leicester Square Theatre (Main Room)


Weirdos For Christmas Number 1 (Writer)- 2015

Heroes Grotto Pop-Up, London


Computer Boy (Writer, Director) - 2014

Proud Archivist, London,


A Christmas Tail (Writer) - 2014

Heroes Grotto Pop-Up, London


The Colonel (Co-Writer and Director) - 2013

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London


Jalapeno High (Writer) - 2015

Radio play


A Load of Croc (Writer) - 2016

Turtle Canyon Productions, Online web-series



Photo credit: Isabelle Adams 

Boogie Knights at Edfringe

- August